According to some politicians that Philippines is the capital of Political Dynasty. Are you agreeing with this..? If you ask me it’s a big YES, we have different opinions to respect. Only during election people in the Philippines will get an equal right, and that equal right is to vote only ones. Let’s vote wisely and let’s put the right person in the senate or even in the local position to lead us and bring the name of our country.

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Election 2013 Top 12 Senatorial Candidates Survey

During the survey from March 15-17, 2013 of senatorial it shows that the top 12 senatorial candidates are same faces and family name. It shows that if your family has a legacy in politics you will surely win if you join politics even without an experience from the previous. I’m not against with this top 12 senatorial candidates who win during the 2013 election survey, it show that if you join politics and your family name is a fresh blood in politics you will surely not to win because you don’t have legacy to follow.

The top 6 from this survey will surely get 80-90 percent chances of winning during the Election Day. Vote wisely to avoid complaining.